System Integration Software

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The system integration software that manages all the components of the Low Voltage security systems from a single platform provides a superb management convenience to the users by operating compatible independent security platforms such as Fire Alarm Systems, IP CCTV Systems, Building Management Systems, Card Access Systems. In this case, systems managed by separate computers and software can work in an integrated manner, controlling the system in an emergency situation and implementing the same emergency scene.

The NETSER Group's Low Voltage Systems Honeywell Integration Software used in integration of security systems, not only integrates Honeywell products but also from different security system brands and through different communication protocols(like Modbus, BACnet, OPC DA etc.) can be seamlessly integrated.

  • SeeTec Video Management Software (VMS)
  • Honeywell Winmag Low Voltage Security and Life Safety Systems Integration Platform
  • Pro-Watch Access Control and Security Management Software
  • System Integration Platform

Why is Low Voltage System Integration important?

With the event of a fire alarm, the system integration software that is running different systems in an integrated manner may react as follows,

Security cameras pointing towards the place fire alarm received are automatically poped up on the Alarm monitor and an alarm is sent to the security system,
The doors, turnstiles and barriers kept locked in the access control system in the building kept open during the emergency situation; in this way  evacuation is done in a safe way.
In order to prevent the usage during a fire event, the building elevators promptly forwarded to the evacuation floor.
The Voice Evacuation system, which is programmed according to building’s fire alarm strategy reports, National fire code and EN54 standards, comes into play and the building is evacuated in a safe way,
The fresh air in the area of the fire will be evacuated to prevent the fire from spreading while smoke is extracted to help the evacuation.

System Integration software, which can be formed according to architectural needs and end users' demands, provides a secure, safe and fast information flow by allowing complex buildings to be managed from a single Emergency Operations Center in the event of an emergency situation.