Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems

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Public address and emergency announcement systems, which allow the buildings to be evacuated in a gradual and sound manner in an emergency situation, are designed while taking into account the volume, intelligibility and acoustics of the room where it will be installed.

Honeywell public address and voice alarm systems designed by the NETSER Group have rapid response, clarity and system reliability features; they are fully integrated with fire detection systems (on software basis), enabling a quick and healthy field evacuation. In this way, emergency evacuation and routing procedures are done in a smooth and effective manner in places where collective evacuation such as subway, airport, hospital is difficult and complicated.

The NETSER Group offers EN54 certified, modular digital voice alarm systems that can grow unlimited at an affordable cost, offering high redundancy, design flexibility in cost-effective conditions.

  • Digital System Control Units,
  • Speakers in EN54-24 Standards,
  • Suspended ceiling speakers,
  • Cabin Type Speakers,
  • Projector Type Speakers,
  • Music Sources,
  • Call Stations,
  • Power Amplifiers,
  • Volume control units and channel selectors.