IP Telephony

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Sustainability, high quality communication and efficieny are the top three values for the corporates’ connectivity. In today’s technology, professionals work in collaboration independent from their locations. Ericsson-LG Enterprise server based systems keep the system costs at the lowest level with an easy-to-use UI and UX. Ericsson-LG deliver smart and custom UCS, SMB and LME solutions based on your needs.

Businesses become more demanding on coherent connection and intermedia communication. Individual Call routing table via GUI enabled by the server based directory enables the optimization of the communication. Various applications such as multi user video and audio conference, application sharing leverages the corporate’s collaboration power. In addition, third party integration opportunity provides a brand-free approach for other integrable products. UC integrates Outlook scheduler and 3rd party DB integration such as Outlook, ACT!, Goldmine and MS Excel forms.