Fire Alarm and Detection Systems

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It is critical that fire and safety systems at such as high-rise towers, large industrial plants, hospitals and airports, require expertise in design, commissioning, installation of fire detection and alarm systems and that the safety of life and property is protected at high standards in areas where it is difficult to evacuate. The NETSER Group offers engineering, design, products and solutions on a wide scale ranging from complicated fire alarm and security systems requiring advanced technology solutions to an intelligent fire alarm systems with small scale and cost effectiveness.

The NETSER Group is designing cost effective, customer oriented, complete security solutions even in the most demanding architectural projects, while integrating Honeywell Fire Detection system solutions with Public Address and Voice Evacuation systems, CCTV, access control systems and Building Management Systems(BMS) with professional team.

Gas Detection Systems

Gas detection systems, which are different from fire detection systems, measure the intensity of flammable, flammable and toxic gases in the living space or manufacturing environment and, when necessary, activate relevant systems to operate HVAC systems for gas evacuation and activate warning systems.

The Gas Detection Systems offered by the NETSER Group integrate with fire alarm and building management systems, enabling effective and timely intervention.

The NETSER Group offers gas detection products in a wide range of spectrum and also performs software monitoring and integration of these systems.

  • LPG detection detectors
  • Toxic gas detection detectors
  • CO detection detectors (Underground carparks)
  • Air sampling gas detection detectors
  • Flammable gas detection detectors
  • Gas detection panels


Active Air Sampling Smoke Detection Systems (Very Early Smoke Detection Systems)

Active air sampling smoke detection systems, which are preferred in areas such as cold rooms, Data Centers, factories, historical buildings, libraries and museums where rapid detection and intervention is of utmost importance, in areas where system maintenance is difficult, and in dusty environments, provide maximum protection with high sensitivity. Unlike spot type fire detectors, it is not expected that the smoke will reach a certain density and the time loss experienced in this type is minimized by choosing highly sensitive active air sampling smoke detection systems while rejecting false alarms.
Active air sampling smoke detection systems are much faster than point type detectors and are much easier and more economical to maintain.

Flame Detection Systems

Flame detection systems are widely used in high-risk petrochemical plants, aircraft sheds and factories to detect and respond to smokeless flammable liquids and gas fires.
Flame detectors with different objectives and competence are:

  • IR Flame detectors
  • IR3 Flame detectors
  • UV Flame detectors
  • UV / IR2 detectors