Complementary Solutions

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SOS- Emergency Phone Solutions:
The NETSER Group is engaged in the sales, maintenance and installation of emergency telephones and stations, which are used to make contact with interested parties in the event of any danger to public places such as subway, airport, train station. IP Protection Certified emergency (S.O.S.) phones are manufactured in accordance with the needs of end users and environmental conditions (cabinet type, box type, top-panel mounted etc.). The maintenance and installation works of the S.O.S. telephones are provided by experienced staff of NETSER Group.

SMATV / IP TV (Interactive TV) Systems:
Satellite Master Antenna TV (SMATV) systems are based on the principle of distributing video signals received by a central antenna system to all monitoring points within the structure. IP TV systems, which perform the same video data distribution over IP as IP technology is widespread, also provide efficiency in installation and management.

Within the scope of the projects it has undertaken, NETSER Group offers the TV systems that are used in projects such as hotels, dormitories, hospitals, residential buildings and shopping malls used by multiple clients.

Barrier, Turnstile and Road Blocker Systems:
With our Barrier, Turnstile and Road Blocker System solutions, we can control people/ vehicle access in public and private buildings/ car parks, integrate barrier and turnstile systems with card readers in the buildings and control access of people into certain areas.

Intercom Systems:
With the door phone kits / intercom units needed for turn-key projects, users can communicate with their visitors remotely through their smartphones, even if they are not at home, by checking apartment entrances and talking with their visitors. In addition, the Netser Group offers its customers functional and aesthetic products that can be needed in projects with access control system, lighting automation.

Parking Solutions:
It is possible to find many indoor parking control solutions like theNETSER Group's turnkey solutions such as poisonous gas(CO, NO2 etc.) level in the underground parking and temperature measurement, vehicle orientation and parking fee systems.

Electronic Circuit Repair Services:
After-sales maintenance and repairs of the products in the Netser Group are made by the repair department within our group. In this respect, our customers can get after-sales services from the first hand quickly, and the quality of the service they receive increases.