Our Services

  • Supervision, Consultancy & Project Management

    Professional product and system consultants conduct the whole stages of design, engineering, implementation, commissioning, contracts/ resource management and business planning for an efficient deployment. Complex system designs, project planning, feasibility reports, cost controlling are supervised by Netser’s professional pre-sales team in order to meet the client requirements with optimal budget while forecasting the future needs as well.
  • Implementation and Installation Services

    NETSER ensures to its’ thousands of clients a successful installation, commissioning and integration if any owing to its experienced team in all fields. Seamless system installation and project management leverages the customer satisfaction. Providing the high-quality technical support empowers the installed systems to run in their maximum performance.
  • Product Management

    Providing the specific products and solutions in-line with the project needs stand out as a key for high-quality and risk free project management. NETSER maintains the strategic product control and management at every level of a complex projects. In customer’s request, NETSER incorporates broad product and brand choices in case of clients’ outsourcing and technical specification needs.
  • After sales services

    NETSER establishes sustainable systems with an integrable solution by latest technologies for an optimal service level. Post installation support services ensure the system’s maximum performance throughout the systems’ lifecycle. Netser provides all maintenance and periodic services as well as audits with its’ in-house professional team for all low voltage systems (such as fire alarm systems, building management system), communication systems and data network infrastructure systems.