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Medical Park Izmir's Success Story

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Medical Park Izmir, 46000 square meters with a covered area, 7 general operating room, 2 cardiovascular surgery operating rooms, including 4 women with service delivery units and operates in all branches of Izmir Karsiyaka.

Hospitals, as well as in the field of security in all areas of international standards serve customers with excellent technology choice. This is in line with the quality policy, CCTV and fire detection and emergency with international standards in the public address system, NETS is preferred Honeywell products offered by the Group.

Hospital in 1800 deployed fire detector on certain points, 3 fire panel, 2 alarm unit in their complementary equipment and hospital and works fully integrated speakerphone attached to it 700. System software and can be visually monitored.


  • Honeywell analog CCTV Camera Security Systems
  • 1800 detector loop 17, 3 IQ8 Esser by Honeywell Fire Detection Products consisting of M panel
  • 700 speakers, Esser by Honeywell center consisting of 2 announcement, AV Digital Emergency Alarm System
  • Integration via software with audio and fire systems

NETS is provided by a subsidiary of the Group and Netwell.

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